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Let us capture the moment that you will cherish forever!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Because two people fell in Love...

Babies are Miracles sent from above, to let us know that nothing is impossible.

Children are God's way to say that... Life must go on.

Friday, January 29, 2010


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I have yet to decide wich is my favorite picture scam. I don't know if it's the false advertisement of $9.99 for a package or if it is the plain simple outrageous expensive ones. The cheap ones they don't get creative until after you have chosen your pose, and than you have to pay more for the good pictures... And the expensive ones, you pay a fortune just to sit in their studio, and then another arm and a leg for the one pose that you can afford. If your child is not having a good day, you walk out with really expensive and mediocre pictures.
I decided to find a way that will fit your time and budget.
Only $50.00
Get a CD with anywhere between 50 - 75 pictures with all the poses you like. One child or the whole family, plus the copyright.
Receive 5 free touch ups, and pay only $3.00 for any additional ones.
NOW! There is sommething we can all work with. Right?